System Help


General Notes

  • Multiple select boxes – Items in the right side box will be searched on. If no items are moved into the right side box all items in the left side box will be searched on. To move an item between boxes select the item and click the arrow pointing in the direction that you want the item to move. Use the arrow marked all to move all of the items in a box.
  • Export data to Excel – At the bottom of a Search results page for Salaries, Benefits, or Statistics click the Export data to Excel link to view your search results in an Excel document.
  • Search Results – Clicking column headings will sort the results by that column.


Salaries Search Results

  • Salaries can be searched by any combination of Municipality, Department, Title, Salary Range, Number of Employees, Hours per week, Year and keyword.
  • Clicking the Title of a position will pop up a new window with details about that position and a description.
  • Under the Salary column, A stands for Annual and H stands for Hourly.
  • % ? is the percent change in the salary compared to the previous year.
  • Split refers to whether the person in that position performs multiple jobs.


  • Changing the “benefit type” drop down list changes the available check box options under “Individual Benefit” to reflect only the individuals benefits that match the selected “Benefit type”.
  • Benefits can be searched by any combination of Municipality, Benefit Type, Year and keyword.


  • Statistics can be searched by any combination of Municipality, Benefit Type, Year and keyword.

Municipality Documents

  • Find and download Labor Agreements, Contracts, Policies, Code Documents, etc.
  • Keyword search – Searches the titles of documents as well as the contents for any index friendly (text based, non-binary) file type.

Message Board


  • Message board content exists in three levels:
    1. Forums – these are general discussions groups that are set up by the administrator to address a variety of broad topics. (ex. “Human Resources”)
    2. Topics – these are user created discussion threads that are created within a specific forum. (ex. “How many vacation days is enough?”)
    3. Replies – these are responses to a specific topic that are left by other users. (ex. “We give 10 days to start, and 15 after 5 years with the township.”)
  • Newly created/replied to Topics appear at the top of the list.
  • Posts are listed in ascending chronological order (new posts are at the end).
  • Clicking on a user’s name in a post will link to their email address.


  • Enter a keyword or set of keywords to search.
  • Only Topics and Post content are searched (not dates or posters’ names). Topics that include the specified keywords are returned.

Creating a Topic

  • From the Message Board page choose the forum you want to create a topic in, at the bottom of the page there is a short form to add a new topic.
  • It is a good idea to first search for the topic you are about to create in order to make sure it doesn’t already exist.
  • Replying to a Topic

  • On the an individual Topic’s page there is a form at the bottom of every page to reply to that topic.
  • Web addresses and email addresses will not be automatically clickable in posts.
  • HTML code is accepted in posts – to make a word bold type Your Text; to make a word italic type Your Text.
  • Updating

    General Notes About Updating

  • Users can only add / update information for their township.
  • When a new year is opened for editing the previous year’s Benefits and Positions (everything but the salaries) can be pre-filled from the previous year by the administrator.
  • Update Salaries

    Choosing a Year / Department to Edit

    • On the main Update Salaries page positions are grouped by year and department within that year. If a department does not have any positions for a given year it will not be displayed.
    • To add/edit positions for a department click the department name.
    • If you wish to add positions for a department that is not displayed click the Add a Department link for the appropriate year and you will see a list of the remaining available departments. Once you add a position to a department that has no positions it will no longer be hidden.

    Add a position

    • To add a position click the Add a Position link at the top of the list of salaries.
    • Follow the Adding a Position instructions under Updating Position Details

    Editing Salaries

    • Under a position name
      • Search – Pops open a new window with a quick search for all other Municipalities for the same position in the same department in the same year. This can be used for a quick comparable.
      • Edit – Edits the details (description, full-time, non-union, etc.) of a position. If you have made changes to information on the salaries list page be sure to save your changes before editing the details of a position.
      • Remove – removes the position from the list. This is not undoable. You will have to re-add the position if you want it back.
    • Annual / Hourly salary – If you input one of these as well as the hours per week and click the calc link next to the other it will automatically calculate the total for the other based on the information you inputted.
    • # of positions – This refers to the number of this position in this department for this year that you have in your municipality.
    • Click the Save Updates button at the bottom of the page to save you changes.

    Updating Position Details

    Editing a Position

    • Description – If you have not entered a custom description for a position the default description for that position will be displayed. You can either type in a description or paste from word or another program. All formatting other than line breaks and will be removed (i.e. no bold, italic, headings, tabs, etc.). Please check that you text is still readable one pasted in the box. Be sure to look out for bulleted lists in which your bullet character may malformed (would show up with a question mark or some odd symbol).
    • Non-Split / Split – Refers to whether this is a person’s only job responsibility or if they are split between multiple positions. If a person is a Split be sure to make a note about how they are Split the comments box (60/40 with position Y in department X).

    Adding a Position

    • Choose a Position – When you choose a position from the list the description will pre-fill with the default description. You can override the default description by typing in the box or pasting from word or another program.
    • Creating a New Position – If you would like to add a position that does not appear in the list click the Create a New Position link at the top of the page. You will prompted for a title for the position as well as a description. When you create a new position it is automatically added to the list of available positions for all users. The description that you enter will become the default description.

    Update Benefits

    • Click a Benefit Type for a given year to Edit.

    Editing Benefits

    • On the edit benefits screen, all Benefits that have been entered will be displayed with their Descriptions. You can edit any of the Descriptions and save your changes with the Update Benefits button.
    • Descriptions are limited to 255 characters, but if they can be accurately described in a sentence or phrase that would be ideal.
    • If you delete the Description for a Benefit and save the page that Benefit will be removed from your list.
    • Benefit information carried over from 2005 may not be well formatted please reformat it in 2006+ where appropriate.

    Adding a Benefit

    • On the edit benefits screen, at the bottom of the page select a Benefit to add from the pull down under the Add a Benefit title. Enter a Description for that benefit and click the Add Benefit button.
    • If you don’t see the Benefit you want to add, use the Suggestion Box link to request the benefit to be added.

    Update Municipality Statistics

    • Defaults to the current year. Use the navigation at the top of the page to select another year to edit.

    Editing a Statistic

    • Items that are already listed can be edited and saved with the Update Statistics button.
    • If you delete the description for a statistic and the click the Update Statistics button, that statistic will be removed form the page.

    Adding a Statistic

    • Choose a Statistic from the pull down at the bottom of the page, enter a Description, and click Add to List.
    • If you want to add a Statistic that is not in the pull down click the “Don't see the item you are looking for in the list?” link. You will now be able to enter a Statistic Name, a Description, and be able to add you new Statistic to the list. NOTE: When you a Statistic in this manner it add to the Statistics pull down for all users.

    Update Municipality Documents

    • Supported files are .doc, .pdf, and .xls.
    • A friendly name can be given to the document by using the “Document Title” field. This is the display name that other users will see when searching for documents.
    • Use the browse button to locate the file that you wish to upload on your local machine or network.
    • Set “Year” and “Document Type” attributes to ensure that other users can find your file easily.
    • Below the upload form you will see that your townships documents for the selected year are displayed as a list.
    • From the document list, you can download or remove the documents that appear.