Our History

In June 2004, the Human Resources Consortium (HRC) was established by the Montgomery County Consortium of Communities (MCCC). The HRC grew to provide a valuable clearinghouse of information to its members of thirty-seven (37) communities. The goal was to encourage commitment in PA to participate and network with this professional group as well as to revitalize and reach out to the southeastern region of PA.

The HRC's first meeting of HR representatives took place in June 2004 and since that time has met on the second Friday of each month. Its mission is to foster a cooperative effort among local governments, to share information and resources to effectuate change, and make a positive difference in our respective organizations. By partnering together and combining our total resources in a proactive, strategic manner, we are a catalyst in meeting regional challenges while facilitating the HRC commitment to excellence, quality performance and legal compliance.

With the help of an CPS/IPMA-HR Grant in 2005 and a collaborative effort with the Delaware Valley Trusts, the HRC and MCCC developed and implemented this Inter-municipal Cooperative Website in 2006. The website was created based on the need to share HR related documents, compensation and benefits, training, policy, legislative information, and best practices in a common format and to replace the cumbersome and inefficient method of responding individually to requests for the same information. With this system, municipalities post their information for research by other municipalities, thus reducing the number of requests for information. It also houses a message board to further share resources and knowledge.

In 2021, the HRC was renamed to Southeastern Pennsylvania HR Alliance (SEPHRA) to increase participation in the southeast region of PA; to continue to join monthly to discuss and study community challenges of mutual interest and concern, and to develop policy and action recommendations for ratification and implementation by member local governments. SEPHRA seeks to find solutions to mutual problems for mutual benefit and to foster a cooperative effort in resolving problems, policies, and plans that are common and regional. Our goal remains to combine our total resources to meet regional challenges and identify opportunities, which may transcend individual capabilities, while retaining and strengthening our local autonomy in government matters.

The HRC has also formed a partnership with the Pennsylvania Municipal League’s (PML) Public Employer Labor Relations Advisory Service “PELRAS” which was created to address increasingly complex issues in managing our workforces. Together with PELRAS members have access to the valuable tool of SurveyNavigator™, where you can obtain and analyze salary and benefits data throughout the state of PA. SurveyNavigator™ like this website was created with one goal in mind - to assist organizations of all sizes in obtaining current and accurate salary and benefit data quickly, easily and affordably on a state-wide basis. With this partnership, we have been able to encourage innovative HR practices in the public sector in our region. It is our goal to further the discipline of HR through support of personnel programs and initiatives. We support excellence in HR through recognition of contributions to public service that foster quality, fairness, equity, and solutions to organizational needs in our communities.

The intended results of our continued partnership are to:

  • Provide a secure and centralized web-based location for shared HR information.
  • Allow HR professionals in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania to collaborate together to effectuate change and take a more proactive leadership role in identifying statutory changes and legislative updates.
  • Expand membership to the surrounding southeastern region of the Commonwealth of PA.
  • Demonstrate and promote best practices through the implementation and utilization of innovative HR programs in a collaborative effort.